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‘Tis the Season for Email Scamming

By December 11, 2019November 30th, 2022No Comments
'Tis the season for email scamming - stop phishing scams

Be careful What you open this Christmas!

Email security is likely to be low down on your to do list before you finish work for the Christmas holidays. When your guard is down and your focus elsewhere, cyber criminals will gleefully capitalise on this time of year to their full advantage, so watch out for phishing scams.

Businesses are far more vulnerable in the run up to Christmas

Just like the Christmas presents sitting under your tree, phishing scams come in all shapes and sizes; often disguised as emails from legitimate online retailers, parcel delivery companies, banks or even Christmas greetings from colleagues, clients and suppliers. These emails may contain links to legitimate looking, bogus websites that are phishing for personal details, or contain links that download spyware, malware, ransomware, computer viruses and other malicious programs. they are phishing scams.

Offices are generally more chaotic in the run up to Christmas; there are deadlines to meet before the holidays, office parties and general merriment. The usual attention to detail is lowered in a festive working environment and offices are prone to employing temp staff to deal with increased productivity in the run up to the holidays. With both of these factors in play, the likelihood of innocently allowing phishing scams to infiltrate and cause havoc to your business’ IT systems is at an annual high.

Christmas phishing scams are the gifts that keep on giving!

Unfortunately, the more advanced these phishing scams have become, the more likely that they will not be spotted until weeks or even months later, slipping in amidst the chaos of the festivities, laying in wait for the most opportune time to strike. You might not even realise you have  been the victim of a phishing scam until it is too late, and your information or data has already been stolen and systems compromised.

Thankfully Infosec Partners have the solution for phishing scams

FortiMail… An email system that not only keeps threats from getting in, but also stops critical data from getting out. With the speed that new phishing scams and malware threats are created you will need a system that is constantly being updated with the latest threat intelligence. Fortinet’s FortiMail email security solution has a highly effective, yet easy to use inbound and outbound protection that is essential to ensure full email security.

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