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Twitter downed by DDoS attack on WikiLeaks?

By November 7, 2016September 7th, 2021No Comments
Twitter downed by DDoS attack on WikiLeaks?

Twitter downed by DDoS attack on WikiLeaks?

Twitter users in Japan and across the US reported that the service was down on this morning (Monday 7th November), shortly after WikiLeaks claimed to have been the subject of a cyber-attack reports The Independent.

The US presidental elections which are due to take place tomorrow have been affected by Cyber more than any previous race with claims of cyber espionage, rigging of polls and fears that the election process itself is being attacked by state threat actors.

Getting twitchy

USA Today commented on the weekend ‘that extraordinary level of anxiety over the basic mechanics of a U.S. presidential election has cyber security experts worried — far more than they fear actual interference with the voting process.

“You don’t even have to change a single vote. You can just insert doubt,”  Herb Lin, a senior research scholar for cyber policy at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

An Internet outage that makes it hard for voters to find their polling places could deter voters and cast doubt on the whole system.

Cyber is in the spotlight like never before

The threat of cyber attacks are affecting us like never before. Hardly a week goes by without news that some well known organisation has been breached. The boundaries between our public, work and private lives have never been more blurred and our dependence on electronic communication and internet connectivity means there are many more avenues of attack for criminals who are actively targeting our personal and financial data, safety and reputation.

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