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Unlock Efficiency: Simplify Your Cyber Security Strategy Today!

By May 11, 2023No Comments
cyber security simplified

As organisations become increasingly digitised and adopt new technologies, they need to examine how these impact on their ability to fully manage and secure their environments, with many now considering the consolidation of cyber security vendors and products.

Typically businesses find themselves utilising a myriad of cyber security platforms and tools designed to protect specific elements of their infrastructure. This puts pressure on cyber security teams to manage multiple tools and platforms, typically at a time when recruiting staff is difficult and existing team members are already stretched to the max.

Furthermore a lack of integration across multiple security tools that don’t cohesively work together increases the pressure, and the security risk, significantly.

To overcome these challenges businesses need an approach that enables them to seamlessly manage all of their network security through one platform, a holistic and flexible approach that:

  • Delivers consistency
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves visibility
  • Reduces complexity
  • Minimises security gaps
  • Speeds up response times
  • Improves overall risk posture

In addition, whilst streamlining and simplifying their cyber security, organisations also need a scalable and flexible approach that will allow them to easily roll out new tools and products, helping them stay ahead of emerging threats and attacks.

We are finding that many organisations are looking to consolidate their cyber security efforts and implement a unified platform that integrates multi vendor solutions. This is backed up by a recent survey undertaken by Gartner which found that 75% of organisations are pursuing security vendor consolidation.

Fortinet is leading vendor consolidation with its Security Fabric platform which is empowering CISOs to build a self-defending hybrid ecosystem where different components work seamlessly together to create a proactive and automated security posture across the entire network, including all endpoints and cloud environments.

As a full spectrum MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) Infosec Partners are recognised as the most certified Fortinet partner globally, and for providing the highest levels of customer support.

We have been established for 20 years and in that time have built strong relationships with Fortinet and many leading security vendors, enabling us to not only secure the best prices possible for security products for our clients, but to also gain a wealth of expertise in implementing, integrating and managing multi vendor solutions.

We work with organisations of all sizes across all sectors to solve their cyber security challenges, and to make them more secure and resilient. If you are looking to simplify your cyber security strategy through consolidation, please get in touch for a free no obligation chat today.



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