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Who do you trust to manage your firewalls?

By September 29, 2022October 21st, 2022No Comments
managed firewall service

Firewalls are often the first line of defence in safeguarding a business from malicious threats. However, it’s not a case of installing them and hoping they do their job, effective firewall management requires a significant amount of expertise, time and budget, and not all organisations have the relevant resources inhouse.

Outsourcing firewall management to a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) will ensure that your networking monitoring and defence strategy is optimised and is as effective and efficient as it possibly can be.

What does a managed firewall service include?

Managing your firewall strategy can be complex and time consuming. If you don’t have the necessary resources in house, a managed firewall solution will deliver the operational protection required for your network, infrastructure and end users.

Services and scope of support will differ between MSSPs, and will of course depend on the unique needs of an organisation.

A comprehensive managed firewall service can offer a complete end-to-end managed solution:

  • Initial analysis of network traffic
  • Advice on the right firewalls for your business
  • Policy definition/creation
  • Inventory administration
  • Configuration
  • Modifications
  • Set up and installation
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Event management
  • Incident management
  • Regular reporting
  • Security updates and patches
  • Maintenance and back ups
  • Licence renewals
  • Disaster recovery

The benefits of a managed firewall service

With so much involved in defining, setting up and managing an effective firewall strategy, it’s no surprise that there are significant benefits to outsourcing your firewall arrangements to an MSSP:

  • Customised solution to the needs of your business
  • Management of multiple firewalls, both physical devices and those in the cloud
  • Support of firewalls from across multiple vendors
  • Full visibility of your network from a single pane of glass
  • Central control of firewall devices and solutions from across your entire network
  • Scalable and flexible to cope with changing business needs, such as OT/IoT developments and an ever evolving external threat landscape
  • Integrated as part of a wider cyber security strategy
  • Ensures your firewalls have the next generation features to counter emerging threats
  • Support provided by qualified, certified and a trusted team of firewall experts
  • Lets your business focus on its core business activities

Looking to outsource your firewall management?

If your business needs help with its firewall arrangements please give us a call for an informal chat.

We have strong partnerships with the leading vendors of firewalls, including Fortinet. As an expert level MSSP, our cyber security consultants and analysts have extensive certifications and experience in managing the next generation of firewalls designed to protect organisations from the latest cyber threats.

We support organisations of all sizes from across a broad range of industry sectors, and are recognised for providing exceptional levels of customer care.


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