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Yare Networking – Superyacht Captains’ Forum

By November 26, 2020November 29th, 2022No Comments

This Friday (27th November) Infosec Partners will be taking part in a live discussion panel for the Yare Networking Superyacht Captains’ Forum LIVE 2020


Topics covered include:

  • How easy is it to get on board a Superyacht digitally?
  • Preparing for the new IMO Cyber regulations?

Superyachts are being actively targeted by sophisticated criminal networks across the globe

Over the past couple of years a great deal has been written about the security threat to superyachts and their owners from cyber criminals and cyber attacks in general. The IMO has implemented regulations that will be enforced from  January 1st 2021 – that all vessels over 500gt will be required to demonstrate that they have addressed the cyber threat.

Superyacht crew, owners, management companies, port authorities and associated stakeholders are now subjects of ‘detailed digital intelligence’ compiled by criminals searching for any cyber weaknesses and opportunities. These groups are extremely well-financed, highly organised and have the skills, plans, budgets and technology at hand.

Superyachts are often managed from a single central management system that controls everything from navigation and engine management to internet access, entertainment systems, lighting and communication systems. This set-up, whilst very convenient opens up the vessel to significant risk from both internal and external cyber security threats.

Our team of cyber security experts concentrate on securing both the virtual and physical landscape by building assurance, awareness and most importantly by protecting the vessel and its personnel. Our superyacht cyber security analysis covers both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to provide comprehensive cyber security protection to the vessel, the crew, the owner and their guests. Read more here

YARE Networking - Superyacht Cyber Security Discussion Panel - Mark Oakton

Mark Oakton,  Security Director at Infosec Partners and Pete Murphy, CEO of Priavo Maritime Security  and founding  members of the 360 Maritime Security Alliance – will be attending  a live virtual discussion panel for the Yare Networking Superyacht Captains’ Forum LIVE 2020. The Cyber threats discussion panel will discuss various cyber security topics, concerns and solutions to the growing threat of maritime cyber-crime, and to raise awareness for the imminent  IMO cyber regulations.

Visit the Yare Networking LinkedIn page for more details.

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