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Your perfect match is out there.

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Your perfect match is out there. Cyber Security

Are you still looking for your perfect match? You’ve come to the right place. A place where organisations and cybersecurity are brought together based on the things that really matter. Like who you are on the inside not just on the outside. And for over a decade we’ve been focused on just one thing. Helping people find deep meaningful security.

Your perfect match is out there

Cybersecurity strategies must consider the whole organisation including people and process, and not just technology. Have you implemented a full-spectrum risk assessment of your security needs? Are your security controls fully integrated and effective? When identifying the perfect match for your organisation’s cybersecurity, identifying who you are on the inside is as important as who you are on the outside. The results of your cybersecurity assessments (such as asset classification, security risk assessment and penetration tests) will help you better work out what it is you should be looking form, and will help you identify the right criteria for a solution to be a perfect match with your risk profile and to address the areas of vulnerability that are most in need. Infosec Partners are technology and vendor agnostic and will always recommend the best solution set to clients, so vendors we recommend are carefully selected based on our direct experience of their solutions being a proven part of an effective fully-integrated security strategy.

Let’s play Cybersecurity Blind Date

Here are just some of the solutions we believe could play an integral part in your organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. You’ve probably seen their glossy ads and even heard their names in countless cybersecurity articles and awards, but can you identify the vendor by their self descriptions, taken from their websites? Unfortunately the inimitable Cilla (Black) is no longer around to present this in her famous game show format, but let’s see how you do in identifying the security brand – perhaps it’s one you need to take a deeper and more meaningful look at – perhaps it’s your perfect match?

Blind Date, Episode 1

    • ‘Contestant One’ is of course Fortinet, the only company with security solutions for network, endpoint, application, data center, cloud, and access designed to work together as an integrated and collaborative security fabric. This also means we are the only company that can truly provide you with a powerful, integrated end-to-end security solution across the entire attack surface. To enable an effective defense, the data and security elements across all of your various environments must be well-integrated, able to share intelligence, and visible. The Fortinet Security Fabric gives you control, integration, and easy management of security across your entire organization, from IoT to the cloud.
    • ‘Contestant Two’ is Digital Guardian, a leader in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suites. Digital Guardian’s threat aware data protection platform safeguards your sensitive data from insider and outsider threats. By harnessing our deep data visibility, real-time analytics and flexible controls, you can stop malicious data theft and inadvertent data loss. Digital Guardian is the only data-centric security platform designed to stop data theft. The Digital Guardian platform performs across traditional endpoints, mobile devices and cloud applications to make it easier to see and stop all threats to sensitive data.
    • ‘Contestant Three‘ is SentinelOne, producer of leading next generation endpoint protection. Antivirus vendors even admit a different approach is needed to stop unknown attacks, trying to stay just a step ahead is not enough to stop sophisticated attacks. Dealing with today’s cyber threats requires a fundamentally different approach. SentinelOne’s next-generation endpoint and server protection uses several layers of attack prevention, including behavior detection and machine learning, to stop attacks that other vendors simply can’t. It also provides unparalleled threat visibility at a minimum system impact.

Blind Date, Episode 2

    • ‘Contestant One’ is Illusive Networks. Based on the increasing frequency of successful targeted attacks, one thing is certain: we cannot keep applying the same approach hoping for a different result. So we decided to look at the problem from a new perspective – the perspective of the attackers. illusive exploits the attackers’ vulnerabilities. The way a fire needs oxygen, attackers need to collect reliable data that will lead them towards their target. When attackers breach your network, we ensure they step into an illusive world where the data is unreliable. We do this without any disruption to your business. Because a solution that disrupts your business and interferes with your normal IT operations just trades one problem for another.


    • ‘Contestant Two’ is Menlo Security. The Menlo Security approach delivers 100% safety via isolation — stopping the never-ending search for risky content, while delivering a seamless end-user experience. Deployed in a public or private cloud, the Menlo Security Isolation Platform reduces security complexity and increases scale by eliminating end-point software and out-dated appliances. In the Menlo Security isolation model, malware has no path to reach an endpoint, and legitimate content needn’t be blocked in the interests of security. Administrators can open up more of the Internet to their users while simultaneously eliminating the risk of attacks.


    • ‘Contestant Three’ is Tufin. As the market leader of award-winning Security Policy Orchestration solutions, Tufin provides enterprises with the ability to streamline the management of security policies across complex, heterogeneous environments. Tufin automatically designs, provisions, analyzes and audits network security configuration changes – from the application layer down to the network layer – accurately and securely.  It assures business continuity with a tight security posture, rapid service delivery and regulatory compliance across physical, private, public and hybrid cloud environments.


Infosec Partners can help

From significant global organisations to high profile individuals and families, Infosec Partners are trusted to optimise defences and protect against cyber attacks. Whether providing fully managed security services, independently testing your cyber readiness or providing crisis management and responding to incidents, Infosec Partners are proven partners of excellence and full-spectrum security experts that puts your security first.

Contact us today for more information and for your free consultation, by completing the adjacent form or call us to speak with one of our trusted advisors immediately:

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