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Zero Days Live – Education Safety Online

By May 6, 2020September 10th, 2020No Comments
Nominet Zero Days Live

Mark Oakton, Director at Infosec Partners discusses on Nominet Zero Days Live the shift to online education and the many online learning platforms that have been set up.

  • What are the the security risks considering the speed at which many of these have moved online?
  • Who is liable for the protection of learners when they are at home?
  • Does the school / college / uni have any responsibility?
  • Technically, what do students need to stay secure at home?
    • Is there an education part to this?
    • Or cyber security awareness programme necessary?
  • What should students look out for to avoid falling victim to a cyber attack?
  • Are schools and colleges prepared for the shift online?
  • What are the biggest security risks associated with such a quick transition to online classes and learning?

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