Security should be a central pillar

The CFO could now be called the CPO – Chief Protection Officer. Cybersecurity potentially puts a company’s finances and value at risk, challenges compliance and regulatory strategies, and increases the need for mature policies and practices that safeguard a company’s data and overall security. A CFO as a strategic business and risk management executive should have significant oversight and guidance in these areas. They are no longer “IT only” considerations.

Cyberplus in Monaco

Chris Parker MBE reports back on a major Data Security Event. It was a pleasure to be invited by Fortinet to deliver a keynote address at the third annual 361° Security Forum. Founder Michael Xie, Patrice Perche, Patrick Grillo and

Businesses warned not to be complacent on Cyber

According to Lloyd’s recently published report on Cyber Risk, 92% of European companies surveyed (with revenues of €250m or more) have all suffered data breaches. Results from Lloyd’s’ survey should serve as a warning against complacency and reiterates the need for preparedness for a cyber risk incident, dealing with the potential impact.

Boards underestimating Cybercrime?

At this week’s Cloudsec 2016 event in London, Rik Ferguson, VP Security Research at Trend Micro echoed sentiments that in line with what we have experienced over the last 15 years, that whilst boards are getting a better understanding of cybersecurity however “they don’t necessarily get how mature the business model is with online crime”.

CyberPlus to keynote at 361° Security Forum in Monaco

At this year’s 361° Security Forum, Cyberplus’ Chris Parker will be addressing Fortinet’s most important EMEA customers and top channel partners in the closing day morning Keynote.

Has Dark Hotel been Trumped?

Several Trump hotels including New York, Chicago, Miami, Vegas, LA, and Honolulu along with others have been the victims of a credit card breach which, according to, stems back from at least February 2015. Is this yet another sign that hotels and the hospitality industry simply aren’t taking information and cyber security threats seriously?

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